"Plaintive and evocative, this ballad imagines what life was really like for the heartbroken Hillbilly Shakespeare. It’s the title tune of an entire concept album about the music and the legend of Hank Williams." - Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

This was a bold project to undertake when so many people have tried similar things in the past, but this one really works because of the strength and quality
of the new songs and the considerate reording.  You don’t have to be a Hank Williams fan but if you are there’s much you can take from this album. - Duncan Warwick, Country Music People Magazine

"Tom’s Texas swing ... makes the classic sound as fresh as ever." - Bobbie Jean Sawyer, Wide Open Country

"Leslie Tom sounds wonderfully out of sync with most of what's happening in modern country music...For anyone who likes 'proper country', this new CD is, quite simply, a must buy." - Paul Riley, Country Music People

"Leslie Tom sure does know how to sing country song!!! Her new EP will satisfy country music lovers around the world." - Wayne Moss

"Leslie Tom's new eponymous 7 song EP is intelligently played, beautifully sung and stunningly produced and mixed. A disclaimer; I am the steel player
on 3 or 4 of the songs.  Nonetheless, a really good listening CD to have in your collection.  And did I say Leslie is also a beautiful woman? Look at the centerfold!"
-Lloyd Green

"Whether she’s singing the story of a war veteran’s service or recalling divorce from a child’s point of view, Leslie Tom foregoes bells and whistles for tried-and-true country storytelling and instrumentation. Some of her self-titled EP’s standout tracks – “Hank You Very Much,” for example – find the singer channeling Loretta Lynn’s and Dolly Parton’s classic sound (and sass), while special guests Pete Scobell and Kevin Moon add an extra layer to their tunes. No matter if the topic’s love as addiction or the tough parts of being a mother, Tom’s crystal-clear country voice remains constant." - Angela Stefano, The Boot

While there are lots of interesting musical things being done by women, one of the more intriguing things for me in the weeks leading up to Veterans Day is an emerging Colorado Americana artist named Leslie Tom. Leslie has a couple of indie albums already and is getting to release an EP around a new song, Didn’t Think Twice…the video is not available yet but the song will be released on Veterans Day along with the video. All sales will benefit the Travis Manion Foundation, a national veterans organization employing Veterans and Veterans family members to educate and inspire younger generations to service and sacrifice. The quality of her music and her generosity toward the Veterans community certainly make her worthy of our support. - Michael Farrell, Veterans News Now

"Her music has a realness to it. She obviously has drawn on real-life experiences in the performances of her music. You can hear it in her voice. At a time when gimmicks are such a part of the music world, her only gimmick is to keep it real. I like that and I like her.“ - Bluegrass Johnson, Farm World Magazine

"Leslie Tom…She's a heck of a lot all rolled up into one small package. Humble yet Sassy, Soft yet like a rock, and most of all a very talented singer and songwriter.  I have worked with Leslie for over 10 years, both in the studio and on live shows, and she never ceases to amaze me.   Thank you Leslie for letting me have that privilege to work with you and watch you grow into your love of music. You are Awesome!!" - Bill Green, Owner, BGM Network

"Every track (High Maintenance) is heartfelt be it ballad or be it a rousing toe tapper, she sings it like she means it, and does it well."  - Brad Springs, The Stars of Texas Magazine

"Like the county music idols before her, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, Tom dedicates her craft to the honest and raw lyrics, to the country twang sound that is needed for traditional country.  She's an old soul with a grit spirit that is the foundation of what country music is all about." - Lindsey Borders, AXS.com