1. Born Too Late


Born Too Late
By: Leslie Alexander/Linda Koehl/Paffe Music Company/Milagritos Music©/BMI/ASCAP

Verse 1
Oh Hank I’ve danced a million miles to your words and melodies
You read my mind and looked right in my heart
If only I had known you then or you could know me now
I know we’d never ever be a part

But I was born too late
You were born too soon
Or we would be together ‘neath a honky tonk moon
Maybe in some other life, we’ll sing a different tune
But I was born too late and you were born too soon

Verse 2
Oh I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you although you’re gone
Hank, I know we would have been the perfect pair
I’d be your me cher amio, your love and your friend
And anywhere that you were I’d be there


I can see us in a great big Cadillac
Riding high through life and never looking back


Darlin’ you were born too soon